5 Décor tips to surprise your Valentine while staying at home

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This is the time of the year when love is just not in the air but all over us. However, this year will be different than usual. All thanks to the pandemic.

COVID has forced all of us to stay at home and isolate ourselves. Though the situation seems to be under control, it is still advisable for all of us to stay at home and be cautious. There is nothing to get disappointed, you can still surprise your beloved. Instead of spending time with your valentine in a beautiful, romantic, expensive place this year, we can spend quality time together at home by giving your home a touch of love.
Tanuja Rane, Interior designer & Founder of Tanuja & Associates has a few décor tips that can really uplift your mood and increase some love quotient in the atmosphere:

Playing with colours
We cannot ignore the fact that colours have a big role in impelling your mood and choices. Several brands use colours to influence the minds of consumers in their branding and marketing campaigns. Taking a cue from this, you can add a hint of red and purple to the décor to create the ‘ideal mood’. Red is known to bring out passion, desire and attraction whereas purple helps bring out a sense of calm and loyalty.

Use flowers both fresh and artificial to decorate your room
There are two main reasons why you can use artificial flowers to decorate your room. One of the reason is fresh flowers loses its freshness quicker and artificial flowers are easily available and long-lasting. Also, if you decorate your room with artificial flowers on Valentine’s Day, it is a great option for many people, as they are sustainable and especially it is good for those with allergies. So you can use both fresh and artificial flowers to decorate your room.

Add automated mood lights to your décor
Lighting plays a very important role in influencing a person’s mood. Dimmed lights are a great way to create a romantic atmosphere in the home. Also one can use app-based lights, which can be easily altered depending on one’s mood through the touch of a button.

Fairy lights to uplift the mood
Some trends never go out of fashion and using fairy lights is one of them. Fairy lights add a distinct atmosphere which is neither too subtle nor overboard. Fairy lights are extremely versatile and can be used in a number of places. Battery operated fairy lights can be used in various planters around the home or behind sheer curtains. They can also be created in the form of a heart shape on window glass behind a sheer curtain to add an element of surprise. Additionally, they can also be used in empty glass jars and kept on tables. They will definitely add romance to the entire atmosphere. And the best part is they come in different colours.

Decorating the table
A table is an integral part of any Valentine’s Day event. This is where most couples connect because as they say, in India food is the biggest connector. Using table runners, glasswares beautifully decorated on the table is certainly a great way to impress your valentine. Add some chocolates and candies to this, and the table is truly set.
These tips are some of the inexpensive ways we can utilize the wonderful space we have, our home, to connect with one of the most important people in our life and make the best of Valentine’s Day.

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