मनातलं घर

Everyone loves to dream of a beautiful home. What if you could actually see your dream home? That is what it is called ‘Pune tithe kay une’.I realized this in Pune where the home is about 4500 sq ft. An 800 ft huge large living-dining area, immediately after it, open terraces of 300 sq ft and a beautiful view of the river from there. In the reception room of the house (entrance foyer) Opening lift, 4 Large size bedrooms, TV room, good kitchen, Such a spacious home built together.

Even though the tree in the corner of the dining table is artificial, it greatly enhances the beauty of the corner and the entire dining area.

In the northeast corner of the living room, a glass partition is made and a beautiful house is built. In which the house can be adorned with gold and acrylic chairs.

No matter how much furniture there is in the home, it receives real beauty, be it artifact or decoration.

By buying these various decorative objects for the house and setting them on the look of the house, you will know that the house has been transformed into a dream home.

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