My Beautiful Home

In English, there are two words for Ghar, one is called a Home and the other is called as a House, but for us, home is always a home because it is a place of belonging, love, empathy and understanding. This is why it is so important to think about how your home will look exceptionally beautiful.

Everyone has a taste for art, and this passion is reflected in your home’s collection. When we travel to many places, we buy a lot of goods for home. Not only does the house look beautiful as a collection of decorative objects, it is also important to look at the space, shape it according to the space and color to match the color scheme of the house.

In addition to the furniture of the house, artifacts or accessories are very important to make the house look beautiful. Every room in the house has a focal point, so as soon as you enter that room it catches your attention. Artifacts play an important role in bringing furniture to life and becoming the focal point .

Fresh or artificial flowers placed in a vase on the side-table of a living room or bedroom in your home creates unique and special ambiance. The tall lampshade or patio adjacent to the corner of the sofa in the living room captures the attention. The dark colored carpet underneath the center-table makes your sofa seating area attractive. The cushions that have a gold or silver work on the sofa gives a royal look to interior. Large paintings or murals placed on the wall can be the focal point of your home. A dark-colored idol can beautify an open corner of a house. Using the latest lights and shadows, a beautiful Wall Art can be created.

Despite all this, its proportionality is very important when buying artifacts. For example, the size of a wall must be of the size of a painting or mural. In this way, your home will definitely look more beautiful if you use artifacts according to your interior style.
My beautiful home
My beautiful home

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