Enlightened Home

While decorating the interior of the house, everyone thinks that the home should look beautiful, elegant, spacious and the interior or design of the house should be in harmony with contemporary thinking. In addition to all this, the lighting scheme of the house also plays a very important factor.

Home decoration means starting the interior design of a home When the layout of the home furnishings is finished, the lighting scheme design, it is called as ‘electrical layout’ in the interior language. It shows the location of each light, the ceiling of the fan, and the space on the switchboard. False ceiling mainly originating in gypsum, is needed for mounting council light in the ceiling and for hiding electrical wiring. False ceiling design can be done in different ways.

The light that breaks down from the down-light applied to the ceiling breaks into direct light, which is designed in False-Ceiling, with LED strip or profile strip. This type of lighting is called Ambiance Lighting. Different size, comprised of various materials, shimmers with various color lights are available in the market. Putting a chandelier in the right place for your home’s decor can be an attractive focal point of your home. Hanging lights placed on the dining table or on a side-table just add to the effect of the space. Wall-washer light is used to highlight a wallpaper or dark colored wall, while a spatter is used to highlight an image or artwork. Under the kitchen cabinet, the work strip can be illuminated using a profile strip. This type of profile can be used under the strip lights study cabinet and also inside the wardrobes. When decorative lamps are placed on a shade side-table, the living room or bedroom can be enhanced.

Combining different types and colors of lights, they can be adjusted as per different moods for e.g. It can be used for setting up for a party, welcoming a guest, watching TV…etc. and this technique is called “Mood Lighting”. Lighting automation can be controlled by remote control for a complete home or from one corner of the globe with the click of a mobile. The use of Motion Sensor lights in the bathroom and passage can save electricity.

If you use all these features in your lighting scheme under the guidance of experts, your home will be created with the right atmosphere and your house will shine in the light and look even more beautiful.

These lines below in Marathi are saying
The glittery silver miraculous world has brightened up with crores of lamps lit

Lukh lukh chanderi tejaachi nyari duniya,
Zhalaalti koti jyoti yaa….

elegant spacious interior lighting

Enlightened Home

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