Daughter’s Bedroom requires vast storage

Every parent dreams of giving their children all the comforts of the world. This enthusiasm gets doubled when it comes to designing a bedroom for your daughter. The age group is very important when it comes to designing a bedroom for a girl. Girls bedrooms under 10 years have to be decorated as children’s bedrooms.

Nowadays teenagers have self-picking choices. So they are clear about how they look, what to wear, as well as how they want to decorate their room. Therefore, when designing a bedroom for children of this age, you get a lot of input from them so it is very easy to design it.

For a young girl, you will have to design the room keeping in mind that she will grow up and get married few years later. Therefore, a double bed option is reasonable. Storage is very important in a girls bedroom. There are many types of clothing such as casual, formal, traditional, partyware. Not just clothing but related accessories like office bag, laptop bag, formal and casual purses, jewelry, shoe collection based on events and attires, make up box requires vast storage. It is best to separate wardrobes and accessories for storage. It is also important to have a small study table, whether studies are over or not. Also, they would love to sit there and chat with friends if they have a seat near the window. It is very important to have a dressing table with ample amount of lighting. If the bedroom has vitrified tiles, the bedroom can be trendy by placing wood flooring on it. There should be excellent lighting scheme making use of direct and indirect lights along with modern light fittings.

Daughters bedroom luxury interior designer

Girls love light pastel shades. Pastel shades can be used in high-end color accessories. Using colorful and patterned headboards, cushions of colorful sequences, sheer curtains, twinkling string lights, posters of favorite superstars, the youth’s enthusiasm will surely be seen in the interior
Daughter bedroom with vast storage
Daughters Bedroom

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