In-House Storage Management

in-house storage

” घर असावे घरसारखे,
नकोत नुसत्या भिंती
इथे असावा प्रेम जिव्हाळा,
नकोत नुसती नाती ”

These Marathi lines are defining the concept of real home

it means

“The house should be like a house and not just walls; where love and affection are present in every relationship and is cherished.”

My home is a communal topic for everyone. But the word ‘My home’ has a special meaning to it. The needs of each family depending on the people living in the house, their habits, interests…etc. Different flats of the same dimension in one society will look different if in-house storage management is done differently. Every housewife expects to have a design that will have plenty of in-house storage facility while renovating the house, and it is appropriate because when you talk about a house, in-house storage is a must. It is an interior designer’s true skill in getting everything occupied properly and making every item in the house fit perfectly.

It is my experience that if every item in the house gets its proper place, the item goes on the spot and the stuff is reduced automatically.

Starting from the main door of the house, it requires a shoe rack near the door. The living room is a special facet of every home, so it is important to have minimum storage and maximum seating. The recent trend of TV units where TV mounted on the wall and the small closet on the drawer below it. Due to the minimal storage, your living room looks spacious.

If there is a separate dining area, you can arrange a crockery unit cum sideboard on the front or side, exclusive, premium crockery displayed on upper shelves adds extra beauty to it.

Every housewife’s kitchen is a very important & heartiest topic and she has a list of things to keep in the kitchen. When designing a kitchen, it is very easy to store and use the item if you want to provide as many drivers as possible beneath the kitchen platform. Except for the gas grate space in the upper part of the kitchen platform, a large amount of material can be arranged.

Real storage is needed in the bedroom. When designing the wardrobe interior, shelf and drawer are designed according to the age and habits of each person in the house so that it will be easy to keep and maintain without putting in much effort. The wardrobes can be the attraction of a bedroom without having to look like a closet. Apart from this, the dressing can be stored in the bedroom by folding behind the dressing mirror or by making a drawer below. When creating a study table for children, storage can be provided on the table or on the side. Even though there are cupboards for storage in the bedroom, using light colors can be soothing to eyes and make the bedroom look bigger.

Since we store a lot of things in the house sometime so that no matter how much storage is present, it is always less and therefore we need to dispose of the old unwanted items in the house. This is the real downside of storage management.
Tanuja Yogesh Rane
Interior Designer

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