Spacious bedroom

luxurious and spacious bedroom

In today’s runaway world, peace of mind has become a necessity and a sound sleep is essential to achieve that. A relaxing bedroom that demands a quiet sleep after a day spent in a fast and stressful lifestyle is exactly what I had in mind while designing this bedroom. For me it is essential that the interior of the bedroom suits the tastes and interests of my client. In graphology, as one can identify with letters, in a similar way we project a character and background by looking at the house of a person.

In other words we can say a house can be the mirror image of resident’s approach towards life and lifestyle. When designing the interior for the luxurious and spacious bedroom, I decided to design a floating concept in mind. The reason this bedroom was so spacious and luxurious is that the bedroom and kitchen were created together. Even though the wall between the two rooms was removed, the beam was in place so that maximum storage was attained near the bedroom door and a dressing table could also be added.

Apart from the storage of everyday and outdoor clothing, we also arranged space for storage of accessories like purses, shoes and bags. The dressing mirror was designed as a partition between the two storage areas, but it was attached to the upper beam without floating down to the ground and keeping the interior intact, so that the room remained intact with the integrity of the wood flooring. The rear of the mirror partition was used for the TV unit and the TV was placed in front of the bed. The design of the bed and the side-table was also done keeping the floating style in mind. Korean materials were used for the white finishing on the bed-side table and the rest. The specialty of Korean material is it looks new for longer period. Because of the seating arrangement near the window. The bed has a headboard cushion and behind it is the indirect light that gives the room a beautiful ambiance. Natural Wooden Flooring provided a nice backdrop to this neutral color palette bedroom, creating a happy and comfortable bedroom. What else is required to get a peace of mind and good sleep?

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Tanuja Yogesh Rane
Interior Designer

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