Wall-Bed Space Saving

May was considered a guest month in the past. Children used to go to each other’s houses on holidays, and even though there was little space in the house, there was plenty of room for everyone to be accommodated. Over time, it all subsided. Having a guest room in the house became a luxury because of the increase in the prices of flat in the city. It is possible to make a guest room in a large size house, but for a visitor coming to a medium sized house it is quite difficult. Keeping this in mind, I used a large room as a guest room to create this wall bed design.

All the iron fittings of this wall bed are covered with plywood paneling and you can give it the look of a beautiful paneling without feeling like it is a bed. When this bed is opened, a double bed or a single bed is created, as usual. You can also open this bed with a remote control. We can make one size bed, both single bed and double bed. In any house, bed is the only furniture that occupies the maximum space. By creating this wall bed design, the remaining space can be utilized for storage, study table, library unit or even playroom for kids.

wall bed design room

Everyone has different needs, so the room can be designed according to your needs. Now look at this wall bed I designed for a close friend who is sick and can come home to stay along with his hospital bed. This wall bed is covered by placing two comfortable chairs of same pastel color in front to give it paneling look. All he needs is a wardrobe, dressing table and TV in the matching pastel colors to satisfy all guest bedroom needs. Since the beam near the window is slightly down, the same wardrobe groove design is followed on the ceiling design to cover it. This styling has also been maintained throughout the design.

The pastel green shade will surely give the guestroom a pleasant tranquility, and it will be useful to the visiting guests.

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Tanuja Yogesh Rane
Interior Designer

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