Bedroom for kids to enjoy

Children are a source of energy and enthusiasm. Their presence in the home is a source of positive energy and liveliness. A kids bedroom needs to be designed according to their needs, passions and hobbies.

When it came to designing a kids bedroom for Shan and Nyasa, it took many days to decide whether to have a double bed or a bunk-bed, as it was the case that when their cousins came home, they had to have enough bed space. So we decided to have bunk-bed with single bed up and double bed down. In addition to the bunk-bed, we added separate wardrobes for both the kids, different bookshelves, a large study table together. In-spite of plenty of furniture, there was still plenty of space in the bedroom for the kids to play. We combined their favorite colors to create the kids bedroom . Since the basic furniture is white in color, dark colors are used only as highlighters in handles, bunk-bed steps, wardrobes and cupboard sides, giving the entire room freshness and pops of color. These colors were also used in the ceiling to maintain the integrity and uniformity of the bedroom. Special geometric handles were made on site especially for both the wardrobes and drawers. Considering the growing age of Nyasa a dressing table with storage was made. Automated curtains are fixed which children can operate via remote. Since both of them love to read books at night, reading lamps were attached on the wall which can reach up to bed.

Even when designing both children’s wardrobes, the design was done considering their height and the ease with which they can reach for their clothing. The light green color shades was used for wallpapers and screens. Despite having so much furniture in the room, it certainly helped to enhance the room’s grandeur.

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Tanuja Yogesh Rane
Interior Designer

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