Personalized Bedroom

Whether it is a master bedroom, a child’s bedroom or a guest bedroom, is the rightful place to occupy everyone’s personal space. Therefore, it is important to consider the tastes and habits of the person while doing the interior of the bedroom and creating a personalized bedroom.

The size of the bed has to be adjusted according to the size of the bedroom. Also, when looking for a bed design, choosing a sleek design makes the bedroom feel free. There is a recent trend of cushioning the sides of the bed. Therefore, the cushioning of the side and headboard of the bed can be achieved by using colors that match the wall or the curtains to maintain uniformity. Even matching designs can be made for the side table of the bed. The decoration on the back wall of the bed is of great importance. Bedding and cushions on the bed make your color scheme more appealing. The TV set in front of the bed can also be decorated using wall paneling.

Fascinating bedrooms can create great ambiance using direct, indirect and mood lighting. Hanging or wall lights mounted on the side table add a touch of sophistication to the bedroom.

When deciding the color scheme of the room, the choice of the person using the room should be taken into consideration. If you like a vivid color, you can use those colors as highlighters in cushions and accessories. The pastel color shades can be used in curtains, bed covers, as much as possible to keep the walls white or light so that everything else is raised.

Wardrobes have options such as openings made in plywood or glass profile sliding doors. Wooden and white combinations can be used to make the doors using plywood. Glass can be made of any pastel shades with glass sliding doors and these doors look great with the finish of White or Wooden wardrobes. Moreover, these doors are also easy to use.

If such a bedroom is designed considering all your passions and habits, it will definitely get your personal touch and you will want to spend more time in your luxurious , personalized bedroom. 
Tanuja Yogesh Rane
Interior Designer

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